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The Story of RDP Services LLC

RDP Services LLC was founded in 2016. We have worked on various projects, including providing brokered union printing services to prominent attorneys in the Houston area.

The owner, Rhonda Perkins is a 34 year old African American female Houston, Texas native. She graduated from Kaplan University in 2015 with a bachelors in Legal Studies. She has over (12) years of business management experience. It is this experience that contributed to Rhonda’s desire to start RDP Services LLC. Her resume includes participating in numerous community service projects, including feeding the Homeless at The Beacon in Houston, Texas and participating in school uniform drives. 

Here is one thing that we know for sure. A organizations ultimate goal is to permanently improve organizational effectiveness. Here are the top five (5) questions to answer when choosing an competent business consulting company:

    1. Are they comfortable making unpopular decisions?
    2. Are they realistic about timelines?
    3. Do they focus on implementation?
    4. Do they understand what makes every business different?
    5. Is it clear that they are not there to be motivators?

We can answer “YES” to each of the above questions. If a business consultant can not answer  “yes” to each of the questions above, they are unlikely to be considered to be competent. Many business consultants use motivation through pep talks. Beware of this. Yes, “pep talks” can be a great way to tackle daunting obstacles. Nevertheless, if valid  changes are not implemented to initiate a mental shift and overcome challenges, then the motivation is deceptive. 


We offer “premium” services BEYOND the essentials, we believe we can improve your  business overall cash flow. Click HERE to view an overview of our services and products.